What Makes a Cool Company Name?

More often than not, people who are just beginning their business ventures are on the lookout for an appropriate business and domain name. Given a range of all the possible options, a businessman can be left puzzled or quite mentally stressed over the risk that choosing the wrong name could cause. The good news is there is no room for worrying. Below are key points that will hopefully enlighten and guide you in answering the fundamental question “What makes a cool company name?” Critical traits should all be explored so that the company will have a high chance to outshine among the crowded field.  Here are reasons of what makes a cool company name.


  • The domain and business name are better short and concise. With an aim of having a striking, memorable yet unique business name, the only thing to achieve it is to keep away from the other side of the spectrum. In other words, avoid long and complicated names that are difficult to spell, pronounce, and even remember. Short names are rather catchy and easy to pronounce. They are easy to recall too. Trust me.
  • Do not entirely rely on your favourite dictionary. Normally, a dictionary consists of thousands of words and names and also easy to access by users across the globe anytime. If you rely on the words you see on it entirely, chances are you will be using a taken name that may lead to redundancy, monotony, and the lack of originality. These all are of course very crucial in this undertaking. Rather, it would be safer to invent names that are not from the dictionaries.
  • Your domain and business name should be unique and original. There is no room for copycats in the world of business especially because you have wide audience watching you. Your name better not resemble the name of any other company. Otherwise, people will find it uneasy to accept and patronize you among all the competitors. To have your name unique and original, you can perform little steps like conducting thorough internet searches to make sure that the name you plan to use is not yet taken by another company.
  • Your name should have that sticky and addictive appeal. Since your target is to have a name that is easy to remember, the most suitable business or domain name must easily stick into the minds of your target market. Tip: an addictive name is likely to contain sticky, effective, and addictive alliterations or consonants.
  • Your name should sound catchy and interesting. It must have the ability to evoke enthusiasm or excitement from the prospective customers. It must sound sweet, melodious, and mellifluous. A user should be able to sing it out and bring back to memory as smoothly as possible.
  • Your name should be flexible to possible future innovations. It is not necessary to have an English domain or business name. However, it should be easily modifiable in English or any other major language that is spoken within its geographical scope of operations. The name must additionally be of good sense as much as possible. That way, it will stick more to the minds and hearts of prospective customers.
  • Your name should be able to describe your business. Remember that the name should represent what your company is all about: products, niche of operations, and others. The need to draw relevant connections to prospective clientele is constant. This would lead to greater customer loyalty in the future.
  • Your name should still sound formal especially if this is the only way that you will earn the trust from your customers. It must be branded, trademarked, patented and etc.


The traits that the ideal company name has to possess as outlined and discussed above are thus to be treated as mere guidelines. The onus is upon the would-be entrepreneur to conduct thorough due diligence and ascertain the name that best suits their unique situation.

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