Prime Jewelry’s Jewelry Tips for Men

Being a man, you think you can’t wear jewelry? Thing again because you are wrong! Supporting the right jewelry means the life and death between pulling an elegant and classy look. Prime Jewelry has a wide array of jewelry articles to offer, but the following tips will help you how to incorporate them and buy according to your persona.


  • Most men stay away from jewelry. Just a wrist watch is enough for them. But, nothing will bite you if you put a nice men’s bracelet and put up your wedding ring. Stay classy and don’t overdo, that’s the key!
  • Start slow with cufflinks and tie clips. You can also use leather bracelets. As you start to get comfortable, you should add more accessories. This will help you to move to a more substantial element.
  • Stick to one metal only. Sure you can mix different metal tones and experiment.  But, you have to remain royal to a pre-set metal for a long time. Make it your statement.  For instance, if your metal is gold, you can try its other tones including white and rose. To help you out, Prime Jewelry offers a wide variety of products to choose from.
  • Create your Jewelry dress code. For instance, you will never wear chino with a tank top or you will never wear sandals to a job internet. So, you will have to save your big statement pieces for special events including wedding, dinner parties etc. This is just like your outfit, you need to make sure it matches the occasion perfectly.
  • Don’t overdo. If you have nice ear piece then forget about wearing your bracelet or necklace. Also, never wear two pieces of jewelry in the same hand. Choose between your watch, bracelet and ring. Just put one in each hand, otherwise you will over accessories.

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