Takedown Tool-E – The Best Tool for Efficient & Easy Removal of Sewn-in Hair Extensions

Are you on the lookout for products that can help you remove hair extension with greatest accuracy and convenience? Be sure to give Takedown Tool-E a go! It’s The First and Only Easy and Safe Way to Remove Sewn-in Hair Extensions. It’s currently available on a crowdfunding platform Kictstarter, and is expected to be available for public in April 2019. It features a very ergonomic design that offers ultimate convenience for removing hair extensions. Its C-shape cutting curve allows you to quickly and safely remove hair extensions.

Takedown Tool-E - The Best Tool for Efficient & Easy Removal of Sewn-in Hair Extensions

A’Mera Frieman is the brain behind Takedown Tool-E. She got the idea of producing hair extension remover when she watched a video featuring hawk’s beak while taking down her own hair extensions. With this amazing tool, you can easily take your hair out without damaging the scalp or the real hair.

The Takedown Tool-E is an ideal option for both home consumers and professional stylists. It avoids the danger of losing hair from razor blades or scissors. It’s gaining ground among extension weavers and hair stylists, thanks to its unique, comfortable design and cheap price.


Here’s what the team behind Takedown Tool-E says about its hair extension remover:

‘’The Tool-E’s unique efficient safety features make it much safer than using razor blades or the alternatives. Extension wearer’s also save money with the ability to reuse expensive hair bundles. Home Consumers can save time & money on a professional takedown fee while Professional Stylists save time in performing extension takedowns which increases their ability to book more customers.’’

If you like their unique extension remover concept, be sure to back them on Kickstarter. Currently they are seeking funding from potential investors and backers.

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