Webz – The Most Versatile Go Anywhere Shoes on the Market

Having a hard time finding a pair of shoes that you can use wherever you go? Look no further than Webz – an incredible unique hybrid trainer, sandal, flip-flop. It’s designed to bring you optimum convenience, no matter where you go. Webz is a one-of-a-kind hybrid shoe that combines the benefits of a sandal, trainer, and flip flop. It’s an excellent choice for travel and summer holiday vacation.


What sets Webz apart from the rest on the market is that they’re oil, grease and water resistant. Whether you’re travelling for holiday trip or going about your routine tasks, Webz does a great job bringing you the utmost walking comfort for all terrains and occasions.

The Webz waterproof, non-slip shoe project is currently seeking funding on a crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It’s expected to be available to the public in August 2019. If you think Webz should be available for everyone all over the world, be sure to back it on Kickstarter.


Here’s what the team behind Webz says about hybrid trainer, sandal and flip-flop:

‘’Our mission is to build wearable lifestyle products that combine fashion and function using our innovation and most importantly your input. From the moment we had the idea for Webz, we knew we had to rely on our core customer base for feedback before we even built our first shoe. It’s a shoe that has truly been built as much by you than it has by us. We kept asking along the way: how do you want it to look, to feel, and as importantly, how do you want them to make you feel. We did this without losing the integrity behind our original hybrid shoe idea.’’

How you look Webz waterproof, non-slip shoes? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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